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Payment And Cancellation Polices For SINHG Trips


1. If you have mailed us your signup form with a check or checks, all checks will be held until the after the trip. If you were not accepted on a trip, we will destroy your check.

2. If you paid for your trip on our website with PayPal or a credit/debit card and a reimbursement is due to you, it will be processed after the trip.

3. If you cannot go on a trip, please contact your trip leader as soon as possible. (You can find Trip Leader contact information here)

4. If you are accepted on a trip and you cancel, AND a replacement can be found for you, you will not be charged for the trip. If a replacement cannot be found, you will not receive a refund. Your check will be cashed, or your credit/debit card charge will be retained and considered a donation to SINHG.

5. If you would like to bring a guest on a trip, call the trip leader to check availability. If there's a space available, guests are welcome and will be charged $5 above the regular trip price.

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