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One of the pleasures of Lowcountry life is the abundant flora and fauna of a semi-tropical ecology, and there's nowhere better to experience it than on the four walking trails that SINHG manages in cooperation with SIPOA. The two longest trails - Hidden Oaks and Six Ladies - offer between them tranquil lagoons, tidal creeks and inlets, and views over marshes toward the sea.

The shortest trail is Old Drake, a short stroll under majestic, moss-draped live oaks along a quiet marsh; while the Bobcat trail is along a newly-refurbished boardwalk across marsh and maritime forest parallel to North Beach. (And, yes, if you're lucky you might just glimpse a reclusive bobcat, or at least come across its scat.) You can lengthen your walk by combining the Bobcat walk with the Six Ladies trail, whose entry points face each other across Oyster Catcher Court. Check out our trails brochure and view a short video tour of all the trails here. Then get outdoors, and enjoy!

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